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Portland, OR



Trae Warren is a freelance photographer, artist, stylist and model.

He is currently working on his styling/photography portfolio. As an artist in the realm of the fashion industry, Trae strives to put emotion in his editorial shoots to create an infectious feeling that is poignant in order to convey something meaningful.

Styling-wise, Trae’s inspiration is influenced by Women’s fashion. From anywhere between the sleek, precise, grittiness of Hedi Slimane collaboration with Saint Laurent/Dior or the nostalgic creative intellects of Haider Ackerman/Helmut Lang. He’s always coming up with new innovative ideas within his photography and modelling.

Q + A:

When did you experience your coming of age?
I remember being a little kid in Portland, where they thought I was gay, because I had the tight jeans on, but I had a dream to break the norm. Portland has lost it, I had to make a change. You know one day I got that chance, I broke the system and put on some ripped skinny jeans.

They couldn’t believe it. They asked,  “Ayyyyoooo where’d you get those tight jeans at?”. Even though I couldn’t breathe, I was making a change, a change for the future, the culture.

What is beauty to you?
Unconditional love that’s not artificial, and Frank Ocean.

How do you self-care?

What are your values?
Peace, love, and wine.

What's one thing you want the world to know about you?
I’m addicted to skittles.

Who is your hero?
Dave Chappelle / Samuel L. Jackson


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