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Portland, OR



Ramzy Farouki is an anti-colonialist fashion designer, environmental scientist and writer. He is also a super model.

Q + A:

What is your concept of "beauty"?
Beautiful to me is when someone is expressing themselves in their most natural state. Someone radiates beauty when they’re vibing in their own skin and doing something that makes them truly happy; it’s like their entire being is hitting a perfect note and its gorgeous.

When did you first fall in love?
I think I first fell in love watching runway shows in the late 90’s on fashion TV. I lived in Kuwait at the time and there was a large time difference from France so I would stay up way past when I was supposed to on school nights and sneak into the living room to watch sitting in the dark and very close to the TV so that I wouldn’t wake anyone. It wasn’t clear to me how I would do it, especially since fashion was out of the question as a career choice according to my family, but I knew I wanted to one day make clothes and also wear beautiful clothes while sauntering around.

What are your values?
Being raw and genuine and uncensored is important to me. I spent many years code shifting and holding back my true self and it took a large toll on my happiness. In the past few years, I’ve intentionally changed that. This holds especially true to my work which is focused on occupation, colonialism, underrepresented peoples and cultural resistance. I feel it is very important, now more than ever, to hold nothing back; the time for timidity is over, justice and equality are universal human rights!

How do you stay grounded?
Singing and dancing make me feel most grounded, its a profound connection to my heritage and my body that connects me to the present and past simultaneously.


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