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Portland, OR



Hey there! I’m Margaux (mar-go) a gender anarchist, dog in human form, and walking dad joke. I have too many passions, interests, and curiosities - but modeling is definitely one of my favorite forms of performance art. “What’s the performance?” The radical dismantling of gender archetypes. Visceral queerness. Absolute neutrality. Chaos.

Fun Facts: 

I’m first-generation French American.

I speak three languages.

I play video games professionally.

I’m a twin.

I play guitar, drums and write poetry.

Q + A:

When did you experience your coming of age?
Honestly, I feel like I’m constantly experiencing some sort of “coming of age” with every year that passes and walk of life I stride into.

What is beauty to you?
Self love. Art. Science. Authenticity. Organized chaos.
Fluid/grey, not black and white.

How do you self-care?
By making art and connecting to parts of myself that need to be expressed. Being out in nature and experiencing natural beauty is huge. Surrounding myself with those that truly love and see me. 

What makes you feel grounded?
Laying in the grass, sitting alone in a room doing nothing except for listening to music that speaks to me. Journaling. 

What are your values?
Radical authenticity. Open mindedness. Grace and kindness. Integrity. Compassion. Ceaseless curiosity. 

What makes you feel alive?
Feeling incredibly uncomfortable or incredibly comfortable. Laughter. Feeling a gust of wind against my face. Really rich and engaging conversation. Petting dogs. 

What's one thing you want the world to know about you?
That I want to know more about the world.

Who is your hero?
The under dogs. Misfits. Misunderstood individuals who have fought tirelessly for what they believe for - and for just expressing and being themselves. 


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