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Portland, OR



Hi World, I'm Kimo!

I am an up-and-coming Architect, lover of Art History, chaotic pedant, Climate Change Activist, thinker, and Global Citizen. I have remained in one area of the Pacific Northwest for just about the entirety of my life purely out of circumstance, but that never stopped me from pushing myself towards trying to satiate a seemingly incurable curiosity for the beautiful people, cultures, and history around me (yeah, it’s still there). In a past life, I was an avid bassist/musician playing in my local and school talent shows with bands, teaching private lessons for kiddos in my town, and playing with a variety of ensembles. I believe a lot of my curiosity, empathy, and “cool” as they put it can be directly attributed to my early involvement with such a multifaceted art at a young age because it allowed me to conceptualize quite early on not to overthink myself in relation to others, to value the short times we share, and to never underestimate the possibilities of working together to make something beautiful.

Q + A:

When did you experience your coming of age?
At the end of my sophomore year of high school going into my junior year, I was invited to audition for a stand with Pacific University’s Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Bryce Seliger. She was a force to be reckoned with for sure but the very term I was going to start, she ended up leaving the university to conduct back in her home state of New York. Direction of the orchestra was later handed over to renowned violinist and University faculty, Adam LaMotte, and eventually to Dr. Dijana Ihas, who has ended up influencing my life in ways I can hardly put into words. This was obviously a decently stressful time for me, a young musician, just starting to get a taste of professional performance and then getting 3 conductors within 6 months of playing (ahaha). However, the ensemble was very warm and welcoming. I found the reactions pretty funny when people would ask what year I was, and I had to tell them ‘I’m from the local high school!’

What is beauty to you?
Beauty to me is the full embodiment of ones’ Self. As soon as we stop trying to compare ourselves to others, fit into boxes, or change purposefully instead of naturally, we gain a certain kind of confidence and I think that confidence conveys true beauty. More superficially, much like a great work of art, it's all in the details. The synthesis of a persons’ experiences are the direct result of reaping seeds they knowingly, or unknowingly, sowed. What and how they convey that sense of Self, are just as important as the whole.

How do you self-care?
Comfort zones stationed deep in the woods, on the coast, long walks going nowhere, along the lines of my favorite orchestral pieces, and in the mindscapes of old photography books! All of which preferably done with friends around. I also have a simple 3-step routine which is nice before bed.

What are your values?
I hold maturity, regal and virtue in high regards for myself, as respect was big in our household growing up. However, I am still Hawaiian by blood, so I have never been able to take myself (or others really) too seriously in regard to “formalities” really upheld to preserve comfortable social normality’s. In other words, I hate how I have to speak in order to be taken seriously by some people. But when it comes down to it, I'm like the rest of us, just sharing the good times. 

What makes you feel alive?
Watching old cinemas. Handling antique goods or historical artefacts (I hate that I like this but I think you’d understand if you've done it). Sticking my head out the window. Getting caught in the rain. Feeling a stream flow through my fingertips or the force of a waterfall on my back. Laughing with my friends and even more with my family. Just forgetting everything for a second and existing.


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