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Portland, OR



Keesha is a dancer, model and multidisciplinary performative artist.

She has just recently returned to the States after living abroad in Barcelona for 3 years getting their BFA in Dance from Institute of the Arts Barcelona and then a year near London for an apprenticeship with a contemporary dance company called Jasmin Vardimon. She has experience in shoots with multiple photographers and stylists from Barcelona, London and New York. Keesha is also a performative artist for events such as Loom festival in Barcelona in 2016 and 2017, an interdisciplinary arts event that showcases local artists.

Q + A:

When did you experience your coming of age?
When I came out to family and friends that I was pan-sexual. 

 What is beauty to you?
Beauty is something that can be found in any and everyone to me. I’ve always found that you can see the beauty in everything/person you look at. Beauty is the magnetic energy you feel when looking at it. It gets your attention and makes you smile.

How do you self-care?
Skincare, working out or giving myself space to be creative. 

When did you first fall in love? How did you know?
The first time I fell in love was when I first performed in a big theater as a dancer. I was infatuated with the vulnerability that comes with performance. With working consistently on a piece and then getting to open it up to others and share that same joy. I find that joy in all mediums of art. 

 What makes you feel grounded?
I feel grounded when I am with loved ones or like-minded people/artists that enjoy engaging in discussions about life, art, civil rights, representation and perspectives. 

 What are your values?

I value emotional maturity, a clear sense of morals and transparency/communication/honesty.  

 What makes you feel alive?
I feel alive when I do work for others. And try to contribute what I can into our communities. I believe that the world is all interconnected and we have a responsibility to do our part in enriching the lives/world around us. 

 What's one thing you want the world to know about you?
I am excited to discover my voice, my work and my path. And I hope it welcomes me with open arms. 

 Who is your hero?
Oh so many, I definitely have a list of icons. But I mostly look up to all the independent and confident women in my life who inspire me.


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