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Portland, OR



Hi! I’m Hamp. I’m originally from rural Alabama and currently based in Portland after living in New York City for a few years. I’m a performer at heart. I try to view every situation with humor, because I believe it’s the best medicine and a solid way to relate to other people. I love rigorously researching everything, playing in the mud and doing a full face of make-up.

Fun Facts

I speak several languages including German, French and Gibberish. Master improver and parody professional. Pop-culture enthusiast.

I play guitar and the trumpet. Avid skier. Nature lover.

Q + A:

When did you experience your coming of age?
Every year. At first, it was probably coming out to my parents at 18. Every year, I feel like I come into something new. The most recent example would be moving across the country from New York after getting a degree in International Communications from NYU.

What is beauty to you?
Someone who isn’t afraid to fully embrace their unique sense of humor or original style.

How do you self-care?
I take lots of social media breaks, journal, read, walk, hike and run. Sometimes I just turn off, create a loving space around me, and relish in it. :-) 

When did you first fall in love? How did you know?
I haven’t experienced true love.

What makes you feel grounded
Making dinner for myself.

What are your values?
Honesty. Kindness. Joy.

Who is your hero?

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