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Portland, OR



Galen Ballinger was recently informed that this is his last life on Earth

It is his intention to overrun the boundaries separating art from music, acoustic from electric, and primeval past from hi-tech present. He is influence by real life.

Q + A:

What is your definition of beauty?

Nature. Not just waterfalls & butterflies - but true nature. The movement, the momentum, the balance, the death, the silence, the violence, the vastness… the beauty. 

But really anything that evokes a noticeable feeling in response to it’s simple existence I call beautiful. This includes human creations, acts of love, and rotting vegetables.

What makes you feel alive?

Walking around naked outdoors. Every single time.

Who is your hero?

The person with a couple dollars to their name who gives the person with nothing a couple dollars.

Best advice from a stranger?

An old woman came into my work one day sort of speaking in tongues and walked straight up to me and said “ BUY LAND, PLANT TREES” and walked out.

I haven’t followed her orders yet - but I think about it to this day.

What’s one thing you want the world to know?

That there is a creative solution to everything, big or small. And to find faith in that, and peace, and inspiration. That to me is Art. And that could be our big beautiful (that word again) life on planet Earth.


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