Casting: Olio E Osso

January 9th, 2020

See it in action, here.

"Loved by the likes of GOOP, Olio E Osso is arguably one of the first brands to earn the coveted “clean beauty” title. Leading up to the launch of their natural makeup line, we saw opportunity to break the mold of what’s expected in a crowded beauty market by honoring authenticity and experimentation. Inspired by the Olio E Osso origin story, Color High—Colore Alto in Italian—is a 360 digital and social campaign framed as splendid journey through color, honoring the brand’s ties between Italy and the Pacific Northwest. " - write up by Cat Cully Hyland from Working Not Working.

Keith Rodri Recognition: Communication Arts Webpick

Team: Plastic Sunshine: Cat Cully Hyland, Nastacia Chubinsky, Abby Morgan, Katy Lee, Kelly Ford, Mindy Byrd, Brian Lincoln, Kylie Sallee, Pauline Kim, Margo Latka

Casting: Super, Heavy Set

Talent: Jordyn C., Romeo H., Leigh