Casting: Fendi

September 18th, 2020

Super Casting Director: Lillian Hardy
Client: Numeró Berlin + Fendi Menswear 2020

This gorgeous editorial photoshoot was miraculously pulled off in the midst of the wildfire smoke that devastated the PNW for nearly weeks on end. Production wore double N95 masks, one for the pandemic and another for the hazardous air particles. Heavy Set was set up with fun set design, early 90's styling and additional smoke from the fog machine to boot. Fans taped with housing air filters helped circulate airflow, while we kept talent on set for minimal intervals of time.

Key Take-away: Creatives are resilient and adaptable. Anything to get the shot.

Photographer: Robbie Augspurger (@robbieaugspurger)
Styling: Lillian Hardy (@lillianhardy)
Grooming: Stormy Jackson (@heartbeat_tiger)
Casting: Super Casting (@supertalentco)
Studio: Heavy Set (@heavy.set)
Production Assistant: Traé Warren (@whatsthelocation)
Photo Assistant: Nathan Hirstein (@nationwilliamcrow)