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A cultural platform for universal creatives, SUPER is a full-service casting agency based in Portland, Oregon.

Email Usinsta: @supertalentco+1 (256) 749-8580

6485 NW Saint Helens Rd, Portland OR 97210

Need a studio? Check out our sister space, HEAVY SET.


We cast. We create.

We are a self-sustaining ecosystem in the way that we approach projects. Equipped with a range of talent, our capabilities extend into creation. Through our sister company, Heavy Set, a photography studio and rental space, we have the tools to achieve visual excellence. Offering a suite of creative and post-production services, we can both cast and create for clients.


Super celebrates every-body.

Culture is calling for realness. And to that we are answering in depth, celebrating individuality above everything else. Setting aside fraught societal standards of beauty, we recognize our talent for daring expressions that make all the difference. As an inclusive space, we place zero limitations on talent, encouraging them to be who they truly are.